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My SoCal Life... a dissection of a soul.

Coming March 2021 or sooner

Are you ever bored...? Do you ever wonder why your life is dull sometimes? Well, to be honest, I am a bit envious... I haven't had any of that in my life... There's always drama or something terrible happening... I decided to move from L.A. to Illinois, due to finances, and to be near by family, and fam is complicated... I'll pull my life apart, maybe it'll help someone.



Coming truly March 2021

enjoy what I post up till then.

What is Neptune Fallen?

The gods waged a war, rhetoric slung like fire, some won some lost,

Titans fell to earth, as the earth was ravaged, and cast on a mortal shell,

Freedoms stripped, voices silenced, immortality has a high cost,

Neptune Fell, damned and dazed, seeking out a way out of hell.

Who is Neptune Fell?

The curator of this website and the one who is writing all of this crap...

This is my oasis, my safe haven from the chaos that the world has become.







you make mother earth sick
Notebook and Pen

Until we meet again, remember me,

Know that we'll love and hope again,

Go see the world, let happiness come,

Everything will be ok, I'm glad I set you free.



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